July 6, 2013… Paris

I’m in Paris right now, as an Artist-In-Residence, at Centre Les Récollets, where I’m offered space and time for three months of writing. And Summer has arrived, too. Thank you.

My apartment’s on the fourth floor. This afternoon, through the open window, I hear a saxophone in the park near the canal. Yesterday I heard school kids singing at their playground… Laaa, la lala la laaa laaa… the tune to the White Stripes’ Seven Nations Army that is.

Meanwhile, today, in the South of France, there’s a bunch of guys on bicycles trying to find their way on nasty narrow roads to the top of a mountain. “Paris is still far away,” they say. I know they’re right, and yet I somehow disagree. Parce-que, oui, je suis déjà à Paris.

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