Pre-order… ANYWAY…

ANYWAY… is the title, of a series of 45 daily reports about 45 record-sleeves that were important to me. Basically all the records I was involved in during my time (and life) with The Ex.

Originally the narratives appeared on Facebook, challenged by Mice Elf, a.k.a. Uno Hoo. The positive feedback that came with it, made me decide to turn it into a book. I thank you all for the encouragement.

The book will contain all 45 narratives, no more and no less. Well, okay, true, I took out some typos, and added a little epilogue. 100 pages in total, full-colour, size 18 by 18 cm, comes in a special package. It will be out in August 2020…

PRE-ORDERS will start from as of now.
Each copy costs 12 euros plus postage (€4 for shipment to an address in the Netherlands, €8 for shipment to an address Elsewhere in the World.
If you wish to order more than 1 copy, please check the costs below.

Preferably pay to my PAYPAL-account ( ).
However, if you do wish to pay by BANK, then that’s possible, too. See the Bank Info below for that.

Netherlands: €4 for 1 copy … €5 for 2-6 copies … €7 for 7-29 copies. Rest of the World: €8 for 1 copy … €9 for 2-6 copies.

Every copy comes with a free download of choice at my bandcamp page at … (Make your pick and let me know, and I’ll send you a download-code.)

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