What’s up, Sok?

Hard to tell, right? This year, all shows so far have been either cancelled or postponed or redirected to other uncertain dates. Concerts with Oiseaux-Tempête, L&S, King Champion Sounds, OMA, Zoikle, GW Sok & Nacho Córdoba, solo stuff… they’re all waiting in the wings, and quite a lot of wings there are.
Meanwhile, OMA‘s album Under The World was released after all. The album of L&S (together with the GAM orchestra), When The Vowels Fall has been mixed and mastered and we’re looking for a label to release it. The album of G.W. Sok & Nacho Córdoba, Is This A House, is also almost ready, we’re working on the sleeve and stuff. King Champion Sounds, too, are working on their next, 5th album, and I guess right now it’s somewhere around mixing time.
Concertwise I am focusing on September as the earliest month that Something Audible might be Happening Again. Hard to tell, though, everything is bound to change before you know it. In the meantime, maybe I should start to write another book?
Hm… I don’t know.
But then again?
Fingers crossed.