Coming up in June and Thereafter…

After a slew of concerts with OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE in March April May, next there will be 6 shows with L&S, playing their album WHEN THE VOWELS FALL live in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

After the Summer, in September, there will be the release of BAZIP ZEEHOK’s album IN DE SLOOP DER TIJD, consisting of 10 instantly composed improv tracks by Gert-Jan Prins, Lukas Simonis and G.W. Sok. Watch out, all lyrics will be in Dutch!

In the fall there will be the release of IS THIS A HOUSE, a new album by G.W. Sok and Ignacio Córdoba (Spain/Denmark). Experimental live sessions, 8 in total, recorded at Worm Studios in Rotterdam in 2019. Due to serious reasons this release got “slightly” delayed, but here we are.

Both BAZIP ZEEHOK and G.W. SOK & IGNACIO CÓRDOBA are planning to organise various concerts to celebrate the arrival of the two albums.